“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!”
The beautiful quote by Ingrid Bergman, the famous Swedish actress, catches our attention because it shows aging in a completely different light. She tells us as we grow up, we experience good things and learn so much more. She extracts the positivity out of the process of aging.

The process of aging is often seen in a negative light, whereas it is a beautiful experience. It is understandable why it is seen as a negative because it comes with many changes. Our body changes with the growing age. Men and women both go through different changes in their bodies. However, if we accept the changes and work toward better health, we can live in harmony with our bodies.

One major change is reflected in the quality of our hair. Hairfall and graying of hair are the most common issues faced as we grow. We notice more breakage and roughness in our hair as we age. Nevertheless, we can follow some simple tips and tricks to maintain the quality of our hair. These simple tips with help in delaying the process of thinning hair.

Have a nutritious diet

The simplest and most effective trick is to have a balanced meal that is rich in minerals and nutrients. A healthy diet will benefit your body and hair. Hair is made up of protein keratin, and therefore it is essential to have protein in your meal to have strong hair. Vital nutrients like vitamins A, C & E, Biotin, and Omega-3 also impact hair growth. Make sure you are not anemic or iron deficit as it can cause premature hair fall and hair thinning.

Use essential oils

Moisturing is good for your skin and scalp both. As you age, make sure your skin and scalp get the necessary moisture to maintain their shine. It is important to provide your scalp and hair with the necessary moisture in the form of essential oils like argan oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, or anyone which suits your hair type.

A good head massage with oil can relieve you of stress and also keep your hair healthy and frizz-free. You can put in hair oil before sleeping and keep it overnight so that your scalp is benefitted from the moisture. You can even use a handheld scalp massager to exfoliate the scalp and let the hair follicles breathe fully.

Invest in good hair care products

Hair care is an important aspect of self-care when you are aging. Type of products you are using matters a lot. Do not fall for huge names and fancy hair care products. Instead, opt for products that actually do wonders for your hair, like, Zequz- an emerging brand known for its paraben-free line of products. Invest in a good shampoo that cleans your hair and does not clog the pores in the scalp and a good conditioner to provide the right moisture and conditioning to your hair. These products give volume to your hair and prevent excess hair loss. They cater to many issues like dandruff, roughness in hair, and others. It is recommended to shampoo your hair after every two to three days to maintain hygiene and avoid excess oil or flakiness.

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Avoid using heat-styling products

As you age, the quality of your hair deteriorates as it gets rough and brittle. If you use heat styling products on your hair, it can speed up the aging process of your hair. Heat can do a lot of harm to hair by extracting away the moisture and making them rough. Try to blow dry your hair naturally, and avoid a straightener, dryer, or curler. If you ever feel the need to use a tool, you should use a good heat protectant prior.

Consult a dermatologist

Sometimes even after doing everything, you face severe hair loss. It might be because of some underlying health condition. If you face a similar situation, visit a dermatologist and consult with them about the issues you are facing. They can write some tests, which will determine the root cause of the problem. They can even prescribe you some multivitamins and tablets to decrease hair fall.

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Aging is a beautiful process of witnessing life taking you to different turns and twists. It should not be filled with unnecessary worries about your hair and skin. When you accept it as a simple biological process and accolade yourself for making it thus far, you will glow differently automatically. No matter what age you are, you should glow beautifully. These tips will help you to rejuvenate your hair in a simple manner and make them fuller and voluminous. The hair is our crown, and it is essential to maintain it in the best possible way.