The first lesson you would get while getting introduced to skincare would be that you should never use soap while cleaning your face, no matter what happens. Bar soaps are present in every household and used to clean the oil, dirt, and bacteria from our bodies; then why can they not be used on our faces? To help you navigate and find answers to this question, here is a detailed guide on soap vs. face wash and which one is better for your skin.

What Is Bar Soap Really Made Of?

To understand why bar stop should not be used on your face, you first need to understand what it is really made of. Typical soap bars contain long-chain fatty acid alkali salts and therefore belong to the pH level 9-10. It also contains several other ingredients, including surfactants and detergents.

While soap does clean your skin, applying it on your face would also hamper your face’s pH level because skin pH is acidic and ranges between 4-5. When this happens, your skin becomes dry and suffers from redness, itchiness as well as flaking. You should also avoid soap bars that contain parabens as well as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is known to cause endocrine dysfunction.

Why Should You Not Use A Bar Soap?

Traditional soap bars can never be a good choice for your face, and even if they smell good and refreshing, here are reasons why they should never be used on your face.

Bar Soaps Are Dyed And Scented: Most of the bar soaps you use to clean your body are scented and dyed, which can harm your face. They can irritate sensitive skin and leave your skin red, blotchy, and itchy.

They Are Extremely Abrasive: Putting a soap bar on your face directly and then rubbing it on your face can be abrasive and irritate sensitive and normal skin.

They Are Extremely Drying: Face wash is designed to contain moisturizer so that even if your skin is being stripped of dirt, it does not lose its moisture level. Bar soaps, along with scents, do not contain moisturizing agents, which can make your skin extremely dry.

Not Easy To Use: Neither can you or should you apply a bar soap directly on your face. Because of the size and shape, it is extremely hard to apply the bar soap on different parts of your face.

In simple words, traditional bar soaps are way too harsh and can be irritating to your delicate facial skin. The pH level is alkaline, which is the complete opposite of your skin’s pH.

Why Should You Trust A Good Face Wash?


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While men’s facial skin is rougher than women’s, using a gentle face wash is essential for both. And here are some of the major reasons you should immediately switch to face wash.

Cleans Your Face: Well, this is obvious. Cleansing is considered the first step towards any CTM routine, followed by a good toner and a moisturizer. A good face wash will help remove all the dirt, pollutants, and grime from your face without stripping it of its natural oil. Just splashing your face with water is not enough. A skin expert would always recommend you use a face wash both after waking up and before going to bed.

Helps In Hydrating Your Face: Hydration is extremely necessary for moisturizing your skin cells and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity. The more hydrated your skin is, the younger and fresher you will feel. Face washes come with nourishing ingredients that give even lifeless and dull-looking skin hydration. It also helps maintain the pH of your skin.

Does Not Let Your Skin Age Prematurely: When you team up your face wash with a good quality toner, serum, and moisturizer, you can easily stop the early signs of aging. Having a nighttime CTM is essential because your skin dries faster during the night, and using the right products helps in locking the moisture within the skin cells. Use a toxin-free face wash and moisturizer every morning and night.

Helps In Treating Acne: The right face wash will help in fighting the acne-causing bacteria and will prevent any future breakouts. Acne is caused by pores being clogged with excess sebum, oil, and dead skin cells. A lot of sebum allows pathogens to penetrate deeper into the skin, so make sure you use a face wash twice a day.

Helps Other Products Penetrate Your Skin: For other products to penetrate and work on your skin, your skin should be cleaned, and the pores should be free of free radicals and toxins. Always rinse your face at night and moisturize it because it is at night time that your skin repairs itself.

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Wrapping up, now you know why going for a face wash is the best option for cleansing your skin and removing all kinds of toxins. Make sure you talk to an expert and choose the face wash that suits your skin type best.