Bad hair days are a pain; it is a beauty rule. So, when your hair is in good condition, it sure looks nicer, and the possibilities of that happening are considerably less likely—or, at the very least, a lot less frequent. The problem is that your strands are continually prone to hair damage, including dullness, thinning, dryness, breakage, frizz, and other issues. With all of these possible strand pressures, it’s no wonder that maintaining healthy hair takes effort. While there is no secret shortcut to healthier hair, making an effort to maintain strong strands is worthwhile. Maintaining excellent hair may be simple with the 10 changes in your hair care routine mentioned below.

Healthy Diet

Because hair is keratinized protein, protein is essential for healthy hair. Hair, like all other body parts, is protein-dependent. However, because hair is a non-essential tissue, the body prioritises protein delivery to important organs such as the heart and liver. However, if you eat enough protein, your body is going to transfer it wherever it is required. Luxurious hair comes at the cost of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Keep it Natural

The greatest approach to maintaining your hair healthily is to let it alone. Although doing so throughout the week may be difficult if you have long hair, experts recommend that you relax your hair on the weekends. Allowing it to dry naturally, without using style products, and avoiding wearing headbands or pulling your hair up in ponytails are all examples.

Excessive Heat Styling is a NO

This isn’t always possible, but blow dryers and styling appliances may be quite damaging to your hair. The heat from these instruments dries out your hair, causing frizz and dryness. Women with nice hair usually blow dry and style as rarely as possible, or just when they have an occasion. Nobody’s hair is immune to the damage produced by the overuse of heat irons and hair dryers. However, if you’re using them, use them sparingly and with heat protectants.

Take it Easy With Hair Colouring

Hair colouring on a regular basis can be quite damaging to your hair. Chemical colours can cause breakage, frizziness, and dryness by stripping your cuticles. Even though most of us are aware that hair colour is dangerous, many women continue to use it. If you must colour your hair, utilise a chemically damaged hair restoration treatment such as the NIA FIX Instant Bond and Cuticle Restructuring System.

Choose the Right Product


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Invest in a quality shampoo that thoroughly cleans your hair without clogging your scalp’s pores, as well as a quality conditioner that will provide your hair with the proper amount of hydration and conditioning. Parabens, sulfates in your shampoo are a bad sign. Try Zequz multi-function shampoo. You can use it twice or thrice every week to avoid the build-up of excess oil and flakiness.

Go Easy on Brushing

Brushing your hair is a good habit, but doing it more than once a day is a type of traction. Excessive brushing, on the other hand, strains the hair and damages fragile ends. Brushing can also reduce volume, so use caution when doing so. Brush once a day using a plastic brush. Bristle brushes are especially harsh on hair.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Getting frequent hair trims from your hairdresser is one of the greatest strategies to maintain your ends healthy. A skilled hairdresser should be able to tell you how far up you should clip your ends to maintain your hair healthy. If you want longer hair, it is really helpful to trim it on a regular basis since it will grow out healthier. A decent haircut may also add volume and bounce to your hair by removing shaggy, dry ends that can make your hair seem limp and lifeless.

Silk Pillowcase

Cotton absorbs moisture, so sleeping on it will drain the moisture straight out of your hair. Resting on a cotton pillowcase could also create knots, breaks, and static electricity in your hair. Because silk is so silky, your hair will move around on it frictionlessly and retain moisture, resulting in less damage and more shine.

Moisturise Your Scalp

Moisturising the hair makes it glossy and vibrant. You will most likely have to go through a trial and error process to discover a technique and combination of items that work for you. But don’t worry. You may try your luck with a variety of leave-in conditioners, hair treatments, and decoctions.

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Suppose you’re serious about accelerating hair growth and maintaining good hair health. The above-mentioned straightforward methods can help you achieve your goals. However, planning and investment in hair products like Zequz will be needed. The key is to treat your hair gently and to nourish, care for, and love it from the inside out.